[Cdt-l] Garmin eTrex 30 and 2000 Waypoint Limit ?

Larry Swearingen larry.swearingen at frontier.com
Mon Jan 20 13:31:21 CST 2014

Thanks for that Erin.  I’ve seen it before but am still working trying to understand
exactly how to use this GPS on the trail.  
BTW I really enjoyed your CDT Trail Journal.  Read the whole thing.

I have a Garmin eTrex 30 and it has a 2000 waypoint limit.  Which seems to be a problem.
Somewhere in the recent past I downloaded a .gpx file that installed a “Track’ on my 
Garmin Basecamp program.The track is titled “NM CDNST 2014 working Beta”.
When I select the Track and open the References Tab it shows
“New Mwexico Crazy Cook Start/NM_CDNST_1_9”
When I open the “Properties” Tab it open a long List of, I guess, Points that look like
they correspond to “WayPoints” in the track.  They are listed under the “Index” Column
as numbered 1 – 2655.
Does that mean that there are 2655 Waypoints in the whole NM Section of the CDNST ?
If that’s the case then I can’t load all the Waypoints for the NM Chunk that we will be
doing this Spring.  I know.  I’ve heard about using POIs but haven’t figured that all out yet
but I will.
I still can’t figure out the difference between a Track and a Route, or how each is supposed
to be used.

I really only plan on using the GPS as a backup to the Bear Creek Maps and Compass.  I don’t think it
will have enough battery life to have it on all the time while hiking so I just plan on turning
it on when I need a little help finding the trail :>) or water caches/sources.


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I made a step-by-step on making the waypoints into POIs if that is helpful.

-Wired CDT2013

  From: "Larry Swearingen" <larry.swearingen at frontier.com>
  Subject: [Cdt-l] Garmin eTrex 30 and 2000 Waypoint Limit ?
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  Hi all and especially Jerry Brown,

  Trew and I both have Garmin eTrex 30?s that have a 2000 Waypoint Limit.
  Is that enough to hold all the New Mexico Official Route and the Alternate
  Route Waypoints ?   I don?t know how many there are and not sure how to find out.

  I?ve read about converting the Waypoints to POI?s but not sure how to use those.

  Right now I?m really only interested in the New Mexico Segment.
  I?m planning on hiking the Wyoming Segment later in the summer.


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