[Cdt-l] Etrex 20/30 Set-up - One more thing........

Frank Gilliland frankgilliland at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 16:59:21 CST 2014

NEW NEWS!  (that I didn’t know earlier today)

I just checked out the Bear Creek web site.  They now offer for a flat fee a service to load ALL of your CDT Data needs onto your GPS.
I would trust and use there service and data if I was overwhelmed with GPS set-up.

I have not used this service or map products, but from viewing and loading there posted POI and Waypoint files I am 
sure that there track file is also spot on…….and as a bonus they match there Map Atlas!

Thanks again Bear Creek for all of your great work.  The next time I hike the CDT I will be using Bear Creek Data and Map Atlas!
(And also I will print and take the Ley maps for the bail-outs, notes and alternates)
(I would also get the Yogi town guide and be ready to plan and walk with confidence!!!!)

On my site the track file sets are going to be DIFFERENT from Bear Creek’s 
So you can choose and play around at home and in the field!
I also I have posted several different alternates:


So, now you can 

HYOH “Hike your own Hike”
PYOT “Pick your own Track”
CYOD “Choose your own Data"


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