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Love the Ley Maps!  (And I love the Bear Creek data)
I also loaded the Ley Compass Rose as waypoints in my "little co-pilot". 
I got in a habit of locating my position on my Ley map first. 
Old School!
Then I would fire up the unit and verify. 
New School!

My second favorite thing was to 
mark waypoints for interesting features like my camp sites. 
Google Earth later at home to see my evening camp spot!

If you choose to pack tech then I have the now dated Ley Rose points posted:
Just one personal note. "I" take several forms of tech with me when 
I hike. My passion is to walk, return home and then walk again!
So I take modern maps, a fancy compass, iPhone, GPS, nylon tent,
Super feet inserts, carbon fiber hiking poles and Snickers bars.
All products of modern living.  I do Love my Snickers.......
HYOH and CYOG (Carry Your Own Gear)

While the Ley maps don't have longitude/latitude lines, most of them have a compass star that you can use to orient yourself on the map. I frequently powered on my GPS for a "fugawi" check. Let's web site explains how to do this. This was very helpful. There's a waypoint GPX file available for downloading on the CDT forum over at white blaze I, too, wondered around near Lava Mtn, like IceAx. This was before the Bearcreek waypoints were available. I'm kind of glad I did as the clambering over the Lava gave me an adrenaline rush. After searching around for a long time to find a trail and enjoying the view north of the spectacular ridge beyond Brooks Lake, I finally punted, set a waypoint on the road leading to Togwotee Pass, and bushwhacked over to it on another of the Ley alternates. If, more and more I'm thinking when, I hike the CDT again, I'll carry both the Ley and Bear Creek maps. The notes on Ley's maps are very valuable and some of the alternates are really nice. Handlebar

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