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When we hiked in 1999, we used a mixture of BLM 15 minute maps, NF maps and commercial maps, as well as some Delorme type map books.  Back then, the trail was much less defined than it is now and we found so many inaccuracies in each of the maps that you needed duplication in order to come up with something resembling reality.  
In 2006, Jonathan Ley had come out with his maps, so we used them combined with the other maps we had.  They were very helpful, especially the trail notes, but we still used the other maps because they had information that wasn't on the Ley maps (and vice versa.)  They were also easier for me to read (I printed the Ley maps on 8.5x11" paper.)   If I were to do it now, I probably wouldn't use the BLM maps, but I would continue to use the NF maps and the Delorme pages because they show all the other roads and trails in an area that aren't necessarily shown well on the smaller scale of the Ley maps and the Bearcreek books.  We have a couple of the Bearcreek map books, and they provide a lot of detail about the official route, but It is helpful to know where all the roads and trails go in case you need to bail because of fire, weather or injury or if you get off track.  The level of detail you get on the BLM maps isn't really necessary though unless you plan to create your own route (as we did north of Yellowstone) or do a lot of bushwhacking. 

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Does anyone on this list ever purchase USGS (1:24000) maps
anymore for use on your hikes? I've been toying with the idea for the future. I
know it's HYOH, but I'm wondering if anyone
still hikes that way. The trail might be overgrown. But don't be shy to speak
up even if you're a minority. That may be all the encouragement I need.


Tom Laskowske


"Uncle Walter"

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