[Cdt-l] GIS

Dan Bedore mr_dan_bedore at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 28 13:22:41 CST 2014

It was just mentioned that ArcGIS cost a thousand dollars. 

Qgis is free. I have been teaching myself to use it recently. I am an engineer and a super geek, and still I find a huge learning curve. So it's not a simple solution. But it is a very powerful program for making maps. And free data is available for maps of many things of interest to hikers.

For example, I'm trying to plot the major western us trails on maps of annual precipitation, elevation, land ownership, and many other things. All of this data is available free. 

The difficulty of using this program is huge. But I think the benefits will be too. Some of you may want to try this. 

When I get some of my maps done, I'll share them on this list. 

Dan Bedore

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