[Cdt-l] Helpful tips for thrus/sectioners...

Rick Ostheimer rick.ostheimer at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 30 17:39:16 CST 2014

Erin put together a nice collection of tips.

Here are a few of mine that might conflict a bit:

Salida:  Simple Lodge and Hostel is a great stop.  Be sure to call for a 
reservation when you have a good idea of when you'll arrive as they fill 
up fast.  You can probably yogi a ride from mountain bikers you'll meet 
on the trail as you approach Monarch Pass.  Great town with all 
services.  I even got my boots resoled at Rocky Mtn Resole on a rush basis.

Lake City:  Stay at Ravens Rest Hostel, run by Lucky (from Ireland) and 
his wife, who are former CDT thru hikers.

Hitch to Silverton (for stay with trail angel Wiffer, if still available 
in '14):  Yogi recommends hitching from Molas Pass (and it was OK when I 
did it during my CT thru in '13.  Made it in, resupplied, and back 
within 2 hours), but I found it pretty easy to get a ride down to 
Silverton from Stony Pass on the steep, winding dirt road----at least on 
a weekend.  It seems it's on a route that is a challenge for Jeep (and 
other high clearance vehicle) owners. I just walked in the middle of the 
road and struck up a conversation when drivers when they slowed.  Wound 
up with a ride with a couple right into the middle of Silverton.

Pietown:  Good place for a package and a zero.

Winds:  You can hike out an alternate to Pinedale WY from Elkhart 
trailhead (one of the alternates on Ley's maps).  It was pretty easy to 
Yogi a ride into town from the many day hikers on the trail there, and 
you might be able to get a ride back from the motel where you stay.  
Good place for long term resupply.  You can send a package at the UPS 
store here to Brooks Lake Lodge or to Togwotee Lodge if you don't plan 
to go into Dubois.

Leadore:  Believe Yogi.  Do whatever it takes to get any car heading 
into town to stop.  Stand at the cattle grate and wave your hands, but 
watch out for the tractor trailers barreling thru the other way.  This 
is a very friendly town and a good place for a package.

Old Faithful Village:  I met some a group of young folks who were 
working for the park concessionaire and wound up with a place to crash.  
Otherwise, don't count on lodging there as it's likely to be booked up.  
The showers at the lodge (see Yogi's guide), were great!  No time limit 
and plenty of hot water.  Resupply at the general store is expensive, 
but easy to supplement your food bag for the two days to US20 (?) and 
the hitch to W Yellowstone.

West Yellowstone:  If you take the "official route", this is a great 
place to resupply for parts of MT.  I stayed at the hostel at the 
Madison Inn---very reasonable.  Met a local out picking huckleberries on 
the way to Targhee Pass and yogied a ride into town.  Hitching out was 
another matter (too many tourists).  Finally got a ride on the back of a 
Harley!  Good place to send a package to Sula (use the "resort")

Sula:  Instead of hitching from Chief Joseph Pass, consider walking 
downhill to where the road intersects with the highway going towards 
Salmon (south) and Sula/Darby (north).  There is a rest area there where 
I was able to yogi a ride, after 15 minutes unsuccessful hitching at the 
highway.  Nice campground at the "resort".  You could probably resupply 
at the small store.  I met folks there that gave me a ride back to Chief 
Joseph Pass.


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