[Cdt-l] Mountain lion sighting south of Rawlins

Danandgailsc danandgailsc at aol.com
Wed Jul 2 13:17:16 CDT 2014

One other item worth mentioning--Gail saw a large mountain lion while road walking alone south of Rawlins.  It was about 100 yards away on a verdant hill and did not seem at all intimidated by her presence.  They stopped and looked at each other, then it walked away, stopping to look back at her more than once.  She was excited but somewhat spooked!  It stood almost waist high, and the long tail reached the ground.

There is currently road construction on a 28-mile stretch of 71 / Sage Creek Road (road widening), so there is frequent traffic by construction trucks, machinery, etc., so I was surprised that the lion was hanging around so close to the road.  There are also many cyclists passing through, on a "Tour Divide" race, Banff - Mexico.  The road is officially closed to traffic during work hours except Sundays, after work hours, and 1 hour at mid day.


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