[Cdt-l] The Long Walk

Mary Kwart mkwart at gci.net
Mon Jul 28 18:33:50 CDT 2014

Thanks, Charlie!  You just solved my dilemma of what to read on my
upcoming hike from Cumbres Pass to near SIlverton. I just downloaded
this book on my e-reader. Guess they didn't have e-readers then
either! I try to remind myself that I did long distance hiking before
GPS, cell phones and e-readers. My camera was a 35MM with a big lens
that weighed a couple pounds and my tent was from a Frostline kit and
weighed 7 1/2 pounds.

I met a guy on the CDT in Lordsburg in April who was doing things bare
bones due to financial constraints. I'll have to check to see if he is
still on the trail.


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