[Cdt-l] How to get to WY-CO CDT trail head?

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Wed Jun 11 03:58:23 CDT 2014

I started and ended section hikes at  WY-70/Battle Pass; that's as close as 
you'll get to the WY/CO border; and the  very small communities of 
Riverside & Encampment are 10-15 mi to the E.  There's a PO in Encampment, which I 
didn't use due to starting/ending sections  at WY-70; Riverside has a 
campground that welcomes hikers and 2 restaurants . The 2 communities are 1 mi 
apart. That info  is in Yogi's Handbook I'm sure. You will have to hitch to and 
fm Laramie,  where there's a Greyhound Bus Station.
    When I ended a section hike at WY-70, I got  a quick ride to Riverside 
in a rainstorm. The next day I was hitching to  the Laramie Bus Station, for 
a bus to Denver where my car was parked; I got  very lucky and got a ride 
all the way to the Ft Collins Bus Station from a  back country, river guide 
guy (saving me at least $30 in bus  fare).
    When I started at WY-70 the next  year, I think I took a taxi to the W 
side of Laramie, got 1 ride to Riverside,  and the next day the CG owners in 
Riverside gave me a ride to the trail. I  always use preprinted hitch signs 
on 8.5x11 white paper, printed in the  biggest, hi quality, bold, black 
letters I can fit on the page; use a laser  printer or dip in Thompson's Water 
Seal for moisture  protection. 
Bob  "Trekker" Brewer  

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n  August I am hiking the CDT (probably to I-70 or so) starting at the 
WY-CO  border.  I fly in to Denver and can then take a shuttle to Steamboat  
Springs.  But, how do I get from there to the trail head?  Is there  a better 
way?  I looked at bus service to Wyoming, but still couldn't get  to the 
trail. Suggestions?  

Any  help is appreciated and  thanks,


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