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Nah, if we do that, then we have to count all that $$$ as income, and then
we'd have to show it as an expense to Jonathan Ley.  Too many
self-employment tax implications.  We're trusting the CDT community to do
the right thing and send their donations to Jonathan.

Keep in mind that we are only providing printing services, just like if you
would get your maps printed at FedEx Office, UPS Store, GISI, etc.

Jackie McDonnell

On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 3:34 PM, Ryley Breiddal <ryleyb at gmail.com> wrote:

> Awesome!
> I printed mine and would gladly have handed off that fun to someone for a
> reasonable cost.  The time alone, forget the actual materials....
> I'm glad to see that you're strongly suggesting throughout your page that
> people donate to Mr. Ley.  Absolutely must be done.  I wonder if you could
> help streamline the process by accepting donations directly in your
> checkout page, then passing them along?
> I guess PayPal is easy enough....
> Cheers,
> Monk
> On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 12:15 PM, Jackie McDonnell <yogihikes at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Yogi's Books now offers printing services for Jonathan Ley's maps.
>> You can order your set here:  www.yogisbooks.com
>> Orders will ship within one week.
>> Jonathan Ley makes his maps available for free.  The cost of the map set
>> purchased through Yogi's Books covers printing services only, not the
>> creation of the maps.
>> For some background:  Matt (Yogi's co-conspirator) sold printing
>> equipment for a few Fortune 100 companies.  He maintained his contacts at
>> Canon, and we brought in a brand new Canon production print engine to our
>> home office.  This is the same equipment Matt sold to commercial printers,
>> but with current technology.
>> With the addition of this equipment, we are able to produce Ley's maps at
>> a significant savings from what commercial printers charge - without
>> sacrificing quality.  Ley does not promote one print shop over another, but
>> he did give us approval to print his maps for the hiking community.
>> We are able to offer this Map Set at a reduced price because we don't
>> account for labor costs.  All we need to do is cover equipment, paper,
>> maintenance, and power consumption costs.  We also don't overcharge for
>> shipping.  The shipping charge simply covers postage plus credit card fees.
>> We live too far from the trail to help maintain any portion of it.  So,
>> hopefully our local efforts can help fund the efforts of the cartographers
>> and trail systems by donations fueled from the map recipients' savings.
>> How can you help?  Jonathan has spent literally hundreds of hours working
>> on his maps.  Although he makes his maps available for free, Jonathan would
>> appreciate a donation to help cover his expenses and encourage him to
>> continue to create his maps every year.  Think about how important it is to
>> stay "found" on the CDT, then send Jonathan a generous donation.
>> You can use PayPal, send money to:  jonathan at phlumf.com
>> If you prefer to send a check, simply email Jonathan (jonathan at phlumf.com
>> ),
>> and he'll send you his snail mail address.
>> BE SURE to visit Jonathan's site for a full explanation of his maps:
>> http://www.phlumf.com/travels/cdt/cdtmaps.shtml
>> Have a great summer on the CDT!  I'll get back out there eventually!
>> Yogi
>> www.yogisbooks.com
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