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Sat Mar 1 13:52:36 CST 2014

A southbound CDT hiker who finished last November collected a entirely new
track line for me of the CDT alternates. The data was collected in a manner
that improved our existing data set. It includes some new water sources,
added detail, and some re-positioning of waypoints. I have just processed it
all and updated the GPX and POI files. I strongly recommend that you follow
the steps below and update the POI file on your GPS. 

The biggest changes were to the Silverthorne route in Colorado and the
Spotted Bear alternate in Montana, so if you aren't doing either of these
routes the existing files should work fine. The Spotted Bear has significant
changes on the north end. A new map is here:


The modified gpi file is here:
http://www.bearcreeksurvey.com/Map_Updates/CDT_GPI_Update.zip This includes
the entire official CDT plus the Alternates

To update POI's on the unit or a card:
Remove any cards from the GPS. (if you are programming a card instead of the
GPS, skip this)
Connect the GPS to a PC.
Using Windows Explorer, or any other file manager, navigate to the drive
letter for the GPS.
Open the Garmin Directory. 
Open the POI subdirectory and delete the current POI file. It will have a
.gpi extension.
Copy the new .gpi file to the POI subdirectory. 
Disconnect the cable. The GPS is now ready to use.


best wishes,


Jerry Brown

mailto:bcss at bresnan.net



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