[Cdt-l] More CDT map news

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Sun Mar 2 22:41:41 CST 2014

Hello. I've sent maps to about half of those on my request list. and the
rest will ship Monday. 


You can now see where each map is located in the bigger picture by going



Then, follow the link to ".go directly to Google Maps". 


You can zoom in/out, try different map views (terrain, etc), and turn on/off
layers. The red CDT route is mostly a bit dated, but I'm giving this a
refresh (will take a few more weeks most likely). The northern part is a bit
more accurate than the south end. 


I can't get these to print correctly (maybe you'll have more luck), but will
be adding some screen captures you can print for use in the field - I think
about 10 or so. this will also take a few weeks, as I'd like to have the
trail done before I finish that effort. 


Hope you find this useful. or at least entertaining!



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