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Stephen Olshansky olshanskystephen at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 14 21:41:24 CDT 2014

Just north of Burrow Mt. The real Cdt forks left to Mud Spring and points north.  Almost 30 miles to route 180. It's not completed yet   
At the 21.5 mile mark you reach a sign saying 8.5 miles to route 180.  
After several miles the trail seems to dead end in a canyon at a red gate. 
Bushwhacked out over a mile to sheep draw and route 180. This is 15-20 miles west of silver city. 
You will not find any water in 30 miles from mud spring which is questionable now @1liter per hour and dirty all the way to 180. So, I would say this way isn't quite ready yet. Now, what's my next best move out of silver city. ? From 180 north. Steve s was just there and said there is no trail there. Does jerry brown have these sections way pointed yet and has permission been given to cross these lands?. Or are Jerry's waypoints still like ,Tyrone rd to road 90 into silver city ? 

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