[Cdt-l] White hiking shirts

Sean Nordeen sean.nordeen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 00:14:33 CDT 2014

Thats okay IceAxe.  I would have found your reply here even if you didn't
forward it over to the PCT-L.  The question was related to the CDT but I
knew I'd get more response on the PCT-L.

Don't get too jealous of me.  I'm not hiking the CDT until next year, not
this one.  But I've gotten antsy and have basically done all my research
and replace a lot of my gear ready as if I was hiking this year since its
becoming an obsession.  My packweight is looking really good at just above
9lbs with an umbrella, GPS, and a big camera.  To bad my bodyweight still
needs some more reduction to be ready.

I'm dealing with it by hiking the TRT and the JMT this summer.  Now you can
feel jealous about that if you like!  :p

I'll be at the ACTPCTKO this year if you are going.  Otherwise I'll
hopefully see you on the trail somewhere.

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