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Elisabeth M. Chaplin echaplin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 16:00:20 CDT 2014

Hiker friends! With hiking season fast coming upon us, this season's hikers
have already started hitting the trail :)

Hiker Oops has been a huge help in kicking off the water report that we are
hosting with some great NM water info (big thanks to Drop N Roll for her
tireless help to set that up). Your water condition updates can be sent to
water at thetrailunitesus.com

Like last year, we have aggregated this season's hiker blogs, and the list
of Nobo, Sobo, and Section hikers that are planning to hike the CDT this
summer is still growing! If you would like to be included on the list of
2014 hikers, please get in touch with me -- for the rest of you, you will
find a lengthy list of hikers and links for their blogs from the Divide
this summer.

Please join in and follow along at:


All the best to this summer's hikers!
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