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Larry Swearingen larry.swearingen at frontier.com
Sat Mar 29 05:13:29 CDT 2014

Hi Mary,
I agree that this Garmin GPS thing gets really frustrating sometimes.
I think the only reason that I’ve sort of “figured it out” is that I am
insanely stubborn.   {:>)
It appears that I have a mix of Way Points and Custom POIs loaded.
At least when I select Waypoint Manager the WPs show up but only
up through Segment 17-@@@@.
>From there north I’ll have to rely on the POIs that I have loaded.
To get to my POIs I select Where to>Extras> A List of all Custom POI Databases>NM_2014B
This takes me to a list of all the POIs for the Bear Creek “Official Route”.
There’s also a NM_ALTB  that is the Alternate Routes POIs.  Like GR_   Ghost Ranch
or PT_   Pie Town route.  When you select one of these POIs it’ll take you to the Map
Where all the POIs and Waypoints show up.
Alternatively if you Select one of the POIs it will take you to the map and you can press the Menu Button
and select “Review Point” you will see the Infomation Page for that POI.
I also have Tracks loaded for the Alternates AND the whole CDNST.  At this time I can’t
remember where I got those.
I loaded the Custom POIs through Base Camp and it sent them to my removable mini SD Card
in the gps.

Larry Swearingen

From: Mary Kwart 
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2014 10:16 PM
To: cdt-l at backcountry.net 
Subject: [Cdt-l] Custom POIs

I am hiking the New Mexico section of the CDT this spring. I use a Garmin etrex 30 and loaded the Bear Creek CDT POIs for New Mexico using POI loader into my GPS internal memory. I bought a Garmin map card last year for Arizona and New Mexico and didn't want to have to buy more maps or go through the hassle of downloading free maps to the internal memory. So I was stuck with using only the internal memory to save CDT data.

This is just an FYI--something I didn't know about custom POIs: you can't access them through the "All POIS" choice, but have to go through "Where to"--"Extras" to select them from the first menu choices. On top of that--all of the POIs will not show up (which made me paranoid). This is because, unlike Waypoints, the GPS will only let you scroll through the custom POIs that are closest to your present location. SO--I only could scroll through BC segment 19 POIs. I thought the rest of the POIs were not there. Base Camp showed them as being in my internal memory, though.  There is no documentation for this in the etrex owner's manual. I called Garmin support and found out that you can only directly scroll through the custom POIs closest to your present location. SO--segment 19 was closest to my location in Oregon. The other POIs were in the GPS, just not displayed for me to scroll through.

To see the rest of your custom POIs on your GPS you have to select "Where to", then hit the menu button and use the "search near" function to choose a waypoint, map point, or recent find to allow your GPS to display custom POIs that are not near your current location. SO--my paranoia has resulted in new knowledge for me.

Oh yeah--the BC POIs for New Mexico appear to be less than 2000. So the waypoins for NM should be able to be loaded without turning them into POIs--useful for those only doing NM now. I am too burned out on dealing with my GPS to try this, but may before I leave for Tucson (April 7). Waypoints are a lot easier to deal with than POIs--they display on your GPS map without having to query each one individually. I told the Garmin support guy that there should be some way a user of POI loader or Basecamp can know how many points are in the file before they download it to their GPS. POI Loader tells you how many POIs are downloaded only after you down load the file to your GPS. Basecamp doesn't tell you anything at all. If anyone knows anything different please tell me. When I talked to the Garmin support guy, he admitted that they are ill equipped to deal with the needs of long distance hikers who use thousands of waypoints. One Garmin support guy didn't even know what custom POIs were.

I can feel people's eyes glazing over at this, but the devil is in the details, as usual. It will be a relief to actually get on the trail.


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