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Yeah, Bob--I know exactly what you mean. I load waypoints every year
and somehow it doesn't imprint itself on my memory--each time it is
like doing it for the first time. My brain just balks at storing it in
memory. Kind of like setting up my drip irrigation timer.

I also glaze over at explanations. I print out the explanations and
eventually re-read and mess around with the GPS them until I "grok"
them. This process is weirdly uncomfortable--like I have to force my
brain to concentrate on this stuff. I had no problem with math and
science in school, or learning computer related skills, but the GPS is
something else for some reason. 


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 Nor do they care. And unfortunately the people who backpack like us
 AND understand how the technology works don't seem to speak in a
 language some of us can understand. Personally I glaze over very
 quickly when reading what appear to others to be very precise
 directions. I got it done a year ago and have no idea how.

 But I think Bear Creek will load it all up for you. Check the web

 On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 1:26 AM, Mary Kwart  wrote:
 > Well--the trouble isn't using GPS in the field, that is easy, the
 > is downloading the stuff beforehand with lousy documentation for
the gadgets
 > we use and the way we use them. I also carry a compass, which I
have used
 > since the 70's, but using a GPS in the field is like driving a
Porsche over
 > the compass Volkswagen. Much faster to locate yourself. GPS
companies just
 > aren't geared to our type of use, but to the needs of people
geocaching and
 > doing low mileage trips.
 > --Fireweed
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 > Map & Compass? Mini Mart
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 > Hi Mary,
 > I agree that this Garmin GPS thing gets really frustrating
 > I think the only reason that I've sort of "figured it out" is that
I am
 > insanely stubborn. {:>)
 > It appears that I have a mix of Way Points and Custom POIs loaded.
 > At least when I select Waypoint Manager the WPs show up but only
 > up through Segment 17-@@@@.
 > From there north I'll have to rely on the POIs that I have loaded.
 > To get to my POIs I select Where to>Extras> A List of all Custom
 > Databases>NM_2014B
 > This takes me to a list of all the POIs for the Bear Creek
"Official Route".
 > There's also a NM_ALTB that is the Alternate Routes POIs. Like GR_
 > Ranch
 > or PT_ Pie Town route. When you select one of these POIs it'll take
 > to the Map
 > Where all the POIs and Waypoints show up.
 > Alternatively if you Select one of the POIs it will take you to the
map and
 > you can press the Menu Button
 > and select "Review Point" you will see the Infomation Page for that
 > I also have Tracks loaded for the Alternates AND the whole CDNST.
At this
 > time I can't
 > remember where I got those.
 > I loaded the Custom POIs through Base Camp and it sent them to my
 > mini SD Card
 > in the gps.
 > Larry Swearingen
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 > Subject: [Cdt-l] Custom POIs
 > I am hiking the New Mexico section of the CDT this spring. I use a
 > etrex 30 and loaded the Bear Creek CDT POIs for New Mexico using
POI loader
 > into my GPS internal memory. I bought a Garmin map card last year
 > Arizona and New Mexico and didn't want to have to buy more maps or
 > through the hassle of downloading free maps to the internal memory.
So I was
 > stuck with using only the internal memory to save CDT data.
 > This is just an FYI--something I didn't know about custom POIs: you
 > access them through the "All POIS" choice, but have to go through
 > to"--"Extras" to select them from the first menu choices. On top of
 > that--all of the POIs will not show up (which made me paranoid).
This is
 > because, unlike Waypoints, the GPS will only let you scroll through
 > custom POIs that are closest to your present location. SO--I only
 > scroll through BC segment 19 POIs. I thought the rest of the POIs
were not
 > there Base Camp showed them as being in my internal memory, though.
 > is no documentation for this in the etrex owner's manual. I called
 > support and found out that you can only directly scroll through the
 > POIs closest to your present location. SO--segment 19 was closest
to my
 > location in Oregon. The other POIs were in the GPS, just not
displayed for
 > me to scroll through.
 > To see the rest of your custom POIs on your GPS you have to select
 > to", then hit the menu button and use the "search near" function to
choose a
 > waypoint, map point, or recent find to allow your GPS to display
custom POIs
 > that are not near your current location. SO--my paranoia has
resulted in new
 > knowledge for me.
 > Oh yeah--the BC POIs for New Mexico appear to be less than 2000. So
 > waypoins for NM should be able to be loaded without turning them
 > POIs--useful for those only doing NM now. I am too burned out on
 > with my GPS to try this, but may before I leave for Tucson (April
 > Waypoints are a lot easier to deal with than POIs--they display on
your GPS
 > map without having to query each one individually. I told the
Garmin support
 > guy that there should be some way a user of POI loader or Basecamp
can know
 > how many points are in the file before they download it to their
 > Loader tells you how many POIs are downloaded only after you down
load the
 > file to your GPS. Basecamp doesn't tell you anything at all If
anyone knows
 > anything different please tell me. When I talked to the Garmin
support guy,
 > he admitted that they are ill equipped to deal with the needs of
 > distance hikers who use thousands of waypoints. One Garmin support
 > didn't even know what custom POIs were.
 > I can feel people's eyes glazing over at this, but the devil is in
 > details, as usual. It will be a relief to actually get on the
 > --Fireweed
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