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Charlie Thorpe charliethorpe at att.net
Sun May 4 20:53:17 CDT 2014

Hello All -

I have been traveling and don't know if this question about the Monarch Crest store has been answered.

I stopped there for coffee this afternoon and talked with the ladies in charge.  They said that the lodge is closed and has been up for sale - not the store.

They are very willing to hold resupply packages for CDT hikers, but they have discovered that UPS is the only reliable way to get them there.  Fed Ex seems to sometimes not be able the deliver and there is no postal service to them.  They go into town about once a week to pick up their own mail and sometimes go for weeks without having their off time match the Post Office schedule.

Mark the resupply parcel with the usual "Hold for CDT hiker...etc."

Send it UPS to:
your name c/o
Monarch Crest Gift Shop & Tramway
24500 Hwy 50 W
Salida, CO  81201

monarchcrest at bresnan.net

Open 8am to 6pm 7 days a week

The manager said that she will be getting her complete stock of snacks in next week, but she has no plans to order dehydrated hiker food or major grocery items.  She said that past hikers have resupplied with enough salty snacks, nuts, etc. to get them to Twin Lakes <g>. Not my favorite resupply choice, but any port in a storm!

Coffee and popped popcorn was good.

I remember on the AT that Trailhead got a really (really, Really, REALLY!) good deal on a bunch of out of date pop tarts.  He lived on them for more than a week...calories is calories...

I drove through a bunch of snow above 10,000 ft in the rockies and am looking out the window (Montrose) at some VERY white San Juans.  

Good hiking...wish I was walking instead of driving!

- Charlie

> Has anyone already verified if they accept resupply packages this year at Monarch Crest Store?
> Thanks
> AnnA
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