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Charlie Thorpe charliethorpe at att.net
Mon May 5 11:05:00 CDT 2014

Hello Jo -

I am driving and don't good reliable trail info except at the passes where the highway crosses the trail.  

My relatives in the Colorado Springs area all say that the snowpack (water!) was a little better than last year, but still below what they need to catch up.  I wanted to go over Cottonwood Pass (between Buena Vista and Taylor Park Reservoir, but the pass was still closed by winter snow and they don't expect to have it open before Memorial Day.  The Collegiates  were all solid white.  Monarch Pass had a lot of snow and it looked like the trail would be completely covered going up in both directions.

I ate supper yesterday in Montrose with a retired Forest Service friend and he said that the snowpack in the San Juans was "OK", but that it was melting off too fast.  I think that is Forest Service lingo for "it's going to be another relatively dry summer and the trails should clear at about the usual time" <g>.  I was looking at the north side of the mountains and they looked pretty white down to below the treeline to me.  Am in Telluride now and there is patchy snow down to the edge of town.

Sounds like a very nice hike...sorry I can't offer more snow info!  I really enjoyed that stretch - especially the day off riding the free busses all over the Frisco area and playing in that outstanding hot pool/swimming pools complex in Silverthorn.  I had never heard of "stock driveways" and it was a hoot to walk across them and imagine what it must have been like to move herds of cattle over those mountain stretches.

Good hiking!

- Charlie

> Charlie-- since you were just there, can you tell me about snow levels? We’re planning to walk south from Battle Wyoming (just north of the Colorado Border) to Monarch Pass, and would like to leave on the early side of mid-july if the snow isn’t too high.
> thanks, Jo

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