[Cdt-l] Beacon's 2014 CDT Data Book

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I followed the link to Beacon's data book webpage, but when I clicked on an individual component (e.g., sobo in Word) I got a "link disabled" message.  Any help on how to get to the data book for downloading will be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi Hikers, 
Beacon has updated the CDT Data Book for 2014 and has asked me to pass it along to the public. A big shout out to Beacon for all the time he's put into this! 
Here is the link to download it... 
New for 2014... 
-Nobo & Sobo versions 
-Alternate routes now included at the end of the Data Book. 
-Available in Word & Excel versions 
-Font & Margins can be edited to your preference 
-Sobo version also has elevation charts 


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