[Cdt-l] New CDNST south of Pie Town!

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Sat May 10 12:13:00 CDT 2014

Hey all, I just hiked the new official cdnst section just south of Pie Town. There are some hunks with no tread and just candle stick blazes on trees but most is well marked with good tread. 

No one seems to be taking the section the day leading into Pie Town because they don't know if there is water. Well there is and more than on the Ley route with virtually no road walking until hitting hwy 60! Its really nice trail in the mountains. Both Guthook and Ley maps show 8 miles or more of road walk leading to hwy 60 but no more. The trail comes down out of the mountains to a trailhead parking with kiosk and continues across the dirt road on brand new 4x4 posts. First they weave a bit through a wooded section with a swath cleared for the trail. There is no tread. Then the posts every 400 feet lead xc across easy flat grassy desert all the way to hwy 60.

I highly recommend this route. It misses the fire tower on Mangus but it also misses all that killer road walk into Pie Town.

I sent info on the water I found to the water report folks. Most of the water indicated on Guthook was there. The 2 tires were dry as were the 2 trick tanks. I would not use the tank/pond described as "murky".

So yeah. This tread needs some lovin and you'll be lovin it too.
Happy hikin
Voyageur - leaving Pie Town now.

Again thanks. I hiked in 2010 and this is a huge help. Your friend Marmot just left with Gabriel. Its time to leave Pie Town and catch up.

Happy hikin'
Aka Scott Piddington

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