[Cdt-l] Zuni Acoma trail

Mary Kwart mkwart at gci.net
Sun May 11 21:22:26 CDT 2014

	I got into Grants today. I just hiked the CDT alternate trail over
the lava west from the Zuni Acoma trailhead off Hwy 117 and then thru
Bonita and Zuni Canyons--it was great to avoid hiking on hwy 117 into
Grants. The cactus was blooming in the lava and I enjoyed taking my
time to enjoy the lava formations. I  also enjoyed the historical
aspect of hiking on a trail between the Zuni and Acoma pueblos. It
took me about 5 hours to cross the lava--I took my time. The trail is
extremely well marked by cairns.The Mumm's cache is on Hwy 53 on
the west end of the Zuni Acoma Trail. Bonita Canyon was a wide
beautiful canyon with blooming desert primrose and a well with water
about 3.4 miles north of Hwy 53. The only drawback was coming out on
the opposite end of Grants from the Travel lodge, however you are very
close to fresh donuts at "Wows" at the Hwy 53 junction in Grants. 


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