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I think you mean Namie Bacille.  He was a triple triple crowner back in 2000, and has continued to hike the three long trails in the years since.  He was living in Pagosa Springs, but I don't know whether he's there now.
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Back in 07 I got a ride out from Pagosa Springs from a guy called Nino who had hiked the CDT three times. I think he was living in the area at that time but didnt get his address. Maybe someone has heard of him, cant be many Triple CDT hikers out there. Might even be reading this. Scotland

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Hello All
I have a hiker just entering Colorado, northbound. Does anyone know of a trail angel or a helpful person who might let him camp in their yard?
Any and all I.fo regarding Pagosa Springs is graciously welcome.
Thank You
Martha Rogers
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