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You're probably pretty safe with that schedule, but there is historical
snotel data for multiple locations along the CDT.. Though, it's difficult to
interpret since these data points are very localized, and there's a lot of
variance from year to year. One place that does have this all conveniently
summarized is postholer.com. Look for the "Snow Conditions" link. You have
to register for the site to check it out though. 


Good luck!




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First of all, thanks to all who helped me along the way this year with
advice and counsel on this list.  I started at Crazy Cook and made it to
Monida Pass near Lima Montana.  So I am just a lowly section hiker with the
Montana section left to go next summer.  I want to pick the likely best date
to start at Monida Pass at I 15 to go NOBO to Waterton.  I'm thinking the
last week of June.  With only about 750 miles left, I figure it'll take me
about 6 weeks.  I'm hoping to avoid snow in higher elevations in southern
Montana, and assume a mid to late August finish should be fine on the North
end.  Any thoughts?  Any suggestions for where I can look up when the snow
is usually gone in the first part of Montana from Lima up to Anaconda?


Chuck Shugart (Hawkeye)

Yellow Grass, Sask. Canada

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