[Cdt-l] Digital Versions of CDT Mapbooks Now available

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Fri Nov 14 16:29:43 CST 2014

We have just put the finishing touches on our download page for those who
would like to get digital versions of the mapbooks. All the books are
available in PDF format on this page. Also a single book with everything -
all the individual books plus our Alternates book under a single cover (544
pages) for $50.00. The print versions are still available at

The files are stored in our Box account, which has very fast download times.
When you make an order, we will send a link to the e-mail address used when
paying with Paypal, so make sure you have the correct one there.
If you are downloading to a smart phone or Ipad, make sure the phone is set
up appropriately with software for opening pdf files. I have successfully
downloaded all the individual ones plus the big one from Box to my Iphone 6
without problems - took about 5 minutes for the big one. I downloaded it and
opened it with Ibooks with no problems. Take the link from the e-mail to get
into Box. Then press the file name shown in Box, then the Open in App button
in Box, then the upload icon. That gives you a choice of which App on the
Iphone to associate the file with. Select Ibooks or whatever App you wish to
use and you will have it. You will have a day at least to get this done, so
it's possible to put a copy on your PC for printing as well. The maps look
great on the Iphone 6.
As always, proceeds from book sales are used for travel expenses to survey
trail changes and update maps every summer.
Here is the link to the ordering page.


best wishes,


Jerry Brown

(970) 403-3527    Cell: (970) 317-1398

mailto:bcss at bresnan.net



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