[Cdt-l] Gila river Trail

Mary Kwart mkwart at gci.net
Tue Nov 25 14:32:22 CST 2014

I hiked through last May. This spring may bring more flooding and more
debris. It was fairly unobstructed below Doc Campbell's (but slower
going than the usual hiking pace). Above Doc Campbell's I took an
alternate on the rim from the cliff dwellings and dropped into the
Gila River at Iron Creek. This avoided most of the debris. Between
Iron Creek and Snow Lake there was still quite a bit of debris to work
around--it was slow going but passable, more easily hiked than the
stretch just north of Doc Campbell's, according to hikers I talked to.
Any amount of debris is ok if you can take your time to wind around it
and find routes over it. In many places the flood debris was well over
our heads. I'm glad I took the alternate above the Gila River--it was
through the pines and had water sources, and there was a great view at
one point down into the Gila River.


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