[Cdt-l] Workin' on & hikin' CDT, SW NM

jon jonaphipps at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 23 12:02:02 CDT 2014

Hi, all,
Just moved to Silver City, contacted CDTC & USFS re. workin'/hikin' on the CDT.  You may know there's a public meetin' in Silver City on 9 Oct.  I'll attend and vie to adopt a trl. section.
I've found the CDT in 2 places (Hwy 90 crossin' near the C. Div., S. of S.C. & the access pt.at a picnic site on Little Walnut, where I hiked up to Gomez Pk & got a glimpse of the vaunted CD/CDT).
Anyone hikin'/trl. workin' & who doesn't mind doin' so w/a hiker who goes but 2 MPH (and that's when it's EZ goin'), plz. contact me.
Thanx...Jon P.  407.260.0592
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