[Cdt-l] Anybody home?

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Sun Sep 28 07:05:33 CDT 2014

Sorry to hear about your physical problems Doug.    No one knows what
tomorrow will bring - that's one of the driving decisions for me to retire
when I turned 52 and start doing the things I want to do while I can do
them.    A guy told me the other day he was going to memorialize his dog
when he died.   I asked him how he knew the dog was going to die first.

Jonathan - I guess it is a bit late in the season for an active list.   I'm
ready to start planning for my 2015 CDT hike now dad-gummit.   :-)

On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 7:53 PM, Doug Carlson <doug-sue at centurylink.net>

> I'm home.  In 2005 I lost a tendon in my right foot/ankle.  I hiked down
> from Canada to Lincoln with fire in my foot.  I had had the problem for a
> few years before the 2005 hike and kept thinking the problem would go away.
> In the end the tendon was shredded and I lost it and had serious
> reconstruction surgery on my right foot.  Recovery- time until I had a pack
> on my back again was about 9- 10 months.
> My left foot is now in the same condition.  MRI shows a torn tendon in the
> left ankle.  I am going to try PT for a few weeks to see if I can take the
> stress off the tendon, and if that doesn't work, maybe surgery again.
> Broken comes from high arches.  surgery lowers the arch, moves the heel.
> Long distance hiking is becoming more and more remote for me.
> Rick Ostheimer is hiking the AZT and is in Pine, AZ today.  I was planning
> on hiking with him but backed out. He says he is up to 20 miles a day and
> loving it.  My left foot would be destroyed out here.  It is decision time
> for me.  I will be 66 in December.  Recovery will be at least a year at my
> age.  I want to do one more hike in the Superstition Mtns and then maybe
> surgery in Feb or so.
> Well, the question was asked, "Any one home?"
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