[Cdt-l] CDTS and CDTC Announce Proposed Cooperative Arrangements

Jim Wolf mail at cdtsociety.org
Thu Apr 2 17:06:23 CDT 2015

We have today announced plans for closer cooperation between the 
Continental Divide Trail Society and the Continental Divide Trail 
Coalition. As provided on our website and in messages to our members:

     Over the past several years, we have watched the Continental Divide 
Trail Coalition become an active builder, advocate, and promoter of the 
Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. Increasingly, our groups have 
joined forces in efforts to develop and protect the Trail -- striving 
for an off-road pathway for foot and stock use.

     We frequently consult on issues relating to the CDNST; and through 
our membership in the Partnership for the National Trails System we find 
common ground on matters of broader concern as well. We are now 
proposing changes that will result in closer cooperation between our 

     The Society has had two primary goals -- first, providing 
information concerning the location and features of the Trail and, 
second, promoting the planning and development of the CDNST as what we 
have characterized as "a silent trail."

     We believe we can now contribute most effectively by directing our 
attention to planning and management issues, primarily as related to the 
national forests, but also for other public lands (BLM and Park 
Service). We foresee a full schedule of forest plan revisions in the 
next few years. These (and BLM projects) will require analysis and 
decision on the basis of new agency regulations.

     The key principles of our proposed cooperation are:

  * CDTS will continue to participate actively in the review of agency
    planning and management matters.
  * CDTS will publish a final issue of /DIVIDEnds/ in 2015.
  * Following that publication, CDTS membership will be free. Members
    will automatically become members of CDTC, without charge, for the
    remaining duration of their current membership terms.
  * CDTS will continue to offer guidebooks and other publications for sale.


     For more information, please see www.cdtsociety.org.

     We invite feedback, either on cdt-l or by email to 
mail at cdtsociety.org .

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