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Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 12:00:56 CDT 2015

This job might be fit for a hiker.

It is 100 miles from Yellowstone.
If you aren't hiking this summer but want to live and work at 9,000 feet in
Wyoming, this might work for you.
I am co-managing this lodge so i will share the final decision with Emily
and Jim.

We are looking to hire seasonal summer help.
Late May through September.

It is; making beds, cleaning, light cooking (sandwiches, scrambled eggs
etc), laundry, cleaning dishes, helping guests, answering the phone,
booking reservations, handling the cash register.

In the summer we all work split shifts and time off is spread throughout
the day.
This year since i am co-managing with a new couple, i want to schedule at
least one day a week for each employee to have off.

The pay is 500 per month, all meals included.
Tips included(we share all tips equally), access to atv's, the hot tub, our
public shower house, and laundry, limited wifi in the lodge.
Open access to the lodge kitchen and pantry, all food and drink included.

We have three weddings this summer in addition to a full reservation board
for July and August.

Normally we provide a camper for the seasonal help. (But we have not
acquired this years camper yet)
No worries, if we hire you, we will provide a home for the duration of your

We haven't advertised yet.
The position would start after the highway opens in late May. (We were
snowbound all winter using snowcats and snowmobiles to get in and out).

The person we hire would definitely have to be courteous, like nature, and
be quiet enough not to disturb the guests.
No loud music, foul language, good attitude.
Guests are paying 125 per night each to be here, so above all, we want
their stay to be pleasant and peaceful.
We try and keep our internal drama to a minimum.

Pets are negotiable but we have bull moose and mountain lion here so there
is a risk and dogs would have to be locked up during most of the day.

I can provide power and water(after the freeze stops about mid june) and
there is a place to dump into our septic(but the camper would need to be
moved to accomplish that task).
Otherwise we have the public washouse with toilets, showers, and laundry.
The parking spot is large enough for a 24' camper.

Or we can provide a camper but you may share it with another seasonal
employee if we hire one.

Anyhow, i thought i would give you second dibs (first dibs went to a
friend) or maybe you know of someone or even a couple.

They can look up our website at <http://www.wyhighcountry.com>

Once again; this is a remote wilderness lodge. Though we are accessible by
road in the summer, the nearest town is 30 miles away(Lovell, Wyo) and
4,000 feet down a steep highway.
There is no cell service here.
You have to drive up Medicine mountain to get cell signal.
But we have limited wifi in the lodge ( via sattellite).
The potential employee would need to be okay with being remote.

Send me an email if you or someone you know is interested and i will share
it with Emily and Jim, my co-managers.

Matthew Edwards
Iceaxehikes <Iceaxehikes at gmail.com>@ <Iceaxehikes at gmail.com>gmail.com
<Iceaxehikes at gmail.com>
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