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Mon Apr 6 21:37:27 CDT 2015

That might be me, but I've just done p/o the GET,  and am heading to p/o 
the Hayduke thru the end of May; then I'll finish either  the CDT or PCT or 
both in late Jun thru early Sep. I'd be willing to help in  that late Aug thru 
early Sep timeframe; keep me posted. 
The whole place really needs replumbed with PEX, because freeze breaks and  
old pipes, some galvanized and copper as I recall; both will freeze  break. 
PT is at 8,000 ft. We'd need to talk to Nita to be sure she wants to keep  
Toaster House going for the forseeable future. Also the closest place to buy 
PEX  would be a hundred miles away on I-25 or maybe somewhere in AZ.
    I just read Mary Kwart's PT post; the place is  really worse than ever 
if the toilet and shower don't work. How about one of you  start a separate 
mailing list for Pie Town, but always post to cdt-l also to get  more help. 
As I said in an earlier post we need to find out if, or how much Nita  is 
willing to pay for supplies; or, should we just take up a collection amongst  
us. I'd make an estimate of $500 minimum for supplies and 2 special tools,  
one of which I have in TX, but not with me.
    As I said a month ago, the pies at the  Pie-O-Neer are the best you'll 
ever have, unless your mamma was a damn  great baker! Nita leaves the 
packages inside the TH; I've never  heard of a problem; and, again she lives 3 
miles outside of  town.   
Bob "Trekker"  Brewer
Naturalized Citizen - Republic of Texas

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We might  make some time to get over to Pie Town and see what Nita needs 
done there.  There was another person with plumbing experience on this list 
who mentioned  helping out.  Hello?

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