[Cdt-l] Pie town plumbing

DayLate07 . dthibaul07 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 22:08:55 CDT 2015

Hi Matt....

Having Hiked with Iceaxe on the PCT and hearing him discuss the horrible
plumbing at several way stops along the trail -   I can well imagine his
dreams of fixing all trail plumbing....

If a campaign gets set up to help out at Pie Town count me in for a few $
to help out.  Hopefully any info will get posted here on the list.

I'm going to eventually get to that CDT thru hike one of these days
(actually 756 days but who's counting)....

Day-Late (who is currently working where the money is - at least until the
next thru)

> You know, i always had a dream to go back and fix all the horrible plumbing
> i saw along the trails.
> Being a plumber, you get plumbing nightmares.
> The Doyle on the AT being perhaps the worst.
> Unfortunately i am not rich.
> Must work where ever the money is.
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