[Cdt-l] Food and Bears

Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 14:55:29 CDT 2015

Sleep on it.

But in general when stealth camping:
Don't camp in a campground
Not near water
Not near a trail
Don't cook where you sleep
No eating in bed

I broke these rules on occasion but in general, they worked for me.

Obviously, it is your hike; do as you wish.

There is always the potential for a critter to harass you in some way for
your food.

Sage and I camped on a ledge in Glacier NP sleeping on our food.
Sage called out "Something just took my sock off the tree!"
"It's looking right at me!"

Shining my micro photon in her direction revealed a feisty packrat with a
single wool sock clutched between it's teeth.
Sage made a move to grab her sock and that rat jumped and disappeared down
a hole in the blink of an eye.
Somewhat dismayed but also amused, we tried to go back to sleep.
But the rat had more ambitious motives.
Next i felt a tug under my sleeping bag.
Not my food sack which was my pillow.. my empty frameless pack propped
under my knees.
The rat was trying to pull the bungie cords off!
I lifted my legs up and brought them down in a whoosh of air thinking to
scare the rat.. no such luck.
I had to sit up and take a swing before that rat retreated down it's hole

This went on till we tired of laughing and had given up fighting.

In the morning neither of our food bags/pillows had been rifled.
Though Sage was down to one good sock and both my sternum strap and bungie
lacing of my pack were considerably chewed.

That was the only animal "attack" i had.

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