[Cdt-l] Grid lines distance on maps

b j xthrow at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 11 23:33:47 CDT 2015

Hi All,

I've taken to referring to you all as 'the oracle' because I ask questions and the answers miaculously come back a little while later!  Thanks for all your help!

Here's another question. 

The grid lines on maps (I'm using Ley's) - what distance do they represent?  1.25 miles? 1.5 miles?  Or have I got it all wrong?

For example, on NM39e, after Hwy 113,  the distances are not marked and I was trying it do a map estimate, but that niggling little piece of info is crucial for this particular map since there's no scale at the bottom. There are grid lines though...

Yes, I have Guthook as well, but I was trying to work with the paper system separately - just in case you know....


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