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Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 18:26:02 CDT 2015

*Calling all Triple Crowners and Triple Crowners soon to be*

If you’ve completed the PCT, CDT and the AT from start to finish, you’re a
Triple Crowner and deserve the recognition of your peers.  Thru hikers and
section hikers who have done this are honored yearly at the ALDHA-West
(American Long Distance Hiking Association-West) Gathering, this year being
held the weekend of Sept. 25 through 27th  at Government Camp OR on the
slopes of Mt. Hood.  This is a weekend to revel and learn with your long
distance hiking compatriots from all over the world.  The presentations are
marvelous and the camaraderie, beyond compare.  If you can make it to OR in
late september, whether you’re an old timer or new to long distance hiking,
come on out and spend a weekend with your tribe.

As plaques, posters and a video have to be completed, there is a deadline
of August 31st for those who wish to receive their plaques at this year’s
Gathering.  However, if you finish your Triple Crown after that date,
complete the application anyway and come to the Gathering where you will be
recognized as a Triple Crowner this year with the rest of your class.  We
just won’t have the finished goods for you at that time.  For all pertinent
information regarding the Gathering and the Triple Crown application, go
to:  http://aldhawest.org/triple-crown/

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