[Cdt-l] Washout at Ghost Ranch

Jim Wolf mail at cdtsociety.org
Fri Aug 7 22:55:27 CDT 2015

A "hundred-year flood" devastated the Arroyo del Yeso immediately above 
Ghost Ranch (New Mexico) in mid-July.

An inspection of the area notes tremendous bank cutting and judges that 
this section of the CDT is currently impossible to use. Some trail work 
may be undertaken this summer, but there is no assurance that the route 
will be opened until next year, if then.

Until further notice, hikers are advised to use the designated route 
through Martinez Canyon (though they may still detour to visit Ghost 
Ranch before or after doing so).

Southbounders need to pay particular attention, since they may find 
themselves having to retrace their steps for many miles if they are 
blocked only about a mile or so from their destination at Ghost Ranch.

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