[Cdt-l] packing HEET

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Mon Aug 17 22:22:52 CDT 2015

I usually use a drink bottle, I use a small FIJI water bottle because it is
square and thus different shape from my other drinking bottles.  I usually
keep it in an outside mesh pocket on my pack which has several of these
pockets.  Once in a great while if I am heading into an area where I think
I might not find fuel for a while I carry a HEET bottle in its original
container along with the FIJI water bottle filled with fuel.

I have never had to ship fuel yet but would mark the shipping container
correctly as with my luck there would be some disaster on the shipping
plane or truck carrying my package that was completely unrelated to the
small bottle of heet in my package,  but during the ensuing investigation I
would be found in violation and persecuted to the fullest extent
possible ....

HYOH, YMMV, all the usual disclaimers etc.


> New thread, hey. So how do YOU pack HEET on the trail?
> Do you keep it holstered in its stock container or conceal it in recycled
> drink bottles?
> Open carry or stored like an awesome secret weapon inside your pack?
> Do you ship it all declared and legal like, or stuff it inside your food
> box and hope the law doesn't find out about it?
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