[Cdt-l] Otter or other (section?) hikers on the CDT (more or less) in New Mexico?

Art Rohr and Lynn Udick artnlynn at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 12:23:50 CST 2015

Our friend Otter (aka Stephen Olshansky), who many of you may know, hasn't
been heard from since he left Chama on Nov. 14. He is thought to have
passed through Grants around the 7-8 of December, but still hasn't been in
contact or arrived at any point south of there.

Does anyone know of any other hikers in the CDT environs in New Mexico in
the last three or four weeks?

Any section hikers out there?

We are just looking for additional confirmation that it was indeed Otter
who went SOBO through Grants over a week ago. Since he still hasn't shown
up at points south, just checking to see if there are any other hikers out
there who might have been through Grants around that time and either run
into him or been mistaken for him. Or anywhere south of Chama, for that
matter. Thanks. Any thoughts will be appreciated. He is certainly one to
not be in a hurry and to follow a wandering path, but he also usually
maintains contact with friends and family when he passes through trail

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Twobaddogs aka Lynn & Art
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