[Cdt-l] Section Hike 2016 Southbound from Glacier in August

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Sun Dec 27 04:21:02 CST 2015

Thanks a lot for all the constructive answers I got on my first mail!
I just learned that I may have to start my southbound hike earlier than
originally planned, though I should be flexible to some degree. I may have
to break my hike down into two parts since I should attend a family reunion
in Maine first week in August, which could be a bit of a logistical
What is the earliest one can start without running into too much snow and
what is the worst time for mosquitoes and Black Flies?
Happy New Year

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 Having thru hiked the AT and section hiked most of the PCT, I want to start
section hiking the CDT. Since I am in the US this summer for a family
reunion, I am planning to hike south-bound from the Northern Terminus for
about 400 to 600 miles.
I have not done too much reading yet, though have followed some other
hiker's journal.
Perhaps somebody can give me some quick answers on the following:

1) Which is the best town to fly into (I will be coming from Maine, New
England area)
2) Best way to get to the Northern Terminus, I believe there are two
3) Best way to get around the permits when the exact dates are not clear
4) How do the daily mileages in Montana compare to the AT or PCT (e.g. High
5) Anybody else in the area late July and August?

Thanks for your help
Matterhorn alias Adrian from Switzerland

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