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Fri Feb 6 10:20:58 CST 2015

Don't have Facebook; plan to never  have Facebook; don't care to give up my 
privacy to Big Brother, or at least make  them work a bit harder for it; 
so, guess I'll slowly no longer be able to keep  up with trail lists. Still 
don't have a smartphone; have no interest in  in-my-hand "media". 
    Jerry, hope you keep posting to  cdt-l thru the next summer or 2 until 
I finish. 
Hopelessly & uncaringly falling  behind,
Bob  "Trekker" Brewer
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bcss at bresnan.net writes:

The CDT 2015 Facebook pages has 463 members.  That is where the  
conversation is.  The older, more traditional trail forums seem to be  fading away...."

best  wishes, 
Jerry  Brown 
Bear Creek Survey  Service, LLC 
_bcss at bresnan.net_ 

On Jan 30, 2015, at 12:16 AM, Brett <_blisterfree at yahoo.com_ 
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The cdt-l is remarkably  quiet these days!

Activity for January 2015,  compared with January 2014:



Which I suppose begs two  questions, in particular... "Huh?" and "Wha?"

Feel free to  discuss.

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