[Cdt-l] Generating some CDT-L traffic

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Fri Feb 6 16:07:58 CST 2015

I use both FB and CDT-L and I hope CDT-L sticks around for a good long time. Maybe in keeping with that, I should use CDT-L instead of just reading it.

Here's a start: Do any of you use http://thetrailunitesus.com/water/ for water updates? Well, if you do, you might be interested in a new feature. Radar, Tartan, and I got together and made an automated GPX of the water report, and the gals allowed us to install the script on their site. So you download that set of water waypoints to your fancy nav device of choice and the latest water data is integrated with your existing nav. Personally, I don't trust my electronics 100%, so I also mark up my Ley maps with the data. 

Another new feature of their site is a list of places along the CDT that stock canister fuel. That's actually an update of the 2011 list that was posted here. I made the phone calls to verify old entires and add new ones. Please send updates if you're using that info and find it outdated. You can see that at http://thetrailunitesus.com/fuel/.  
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