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Earl Needham earl.kd5xb at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 09:27:09 CST 2015

Good job, what a nice service to provide.

I did notice,that many of the water reports are for last April.  I assume they will update for this year's season.


On Feb 6, 2015, lisaperu2011 <lisaperu2011 at gmail.com> wrote:
>I use both FB and CDT-L and I hope CDT-L sticks around for a good long
>time. Maybe in keeping with that, I should use CDT-L instead of just
>reading it.
>Here's a start: Do any of you use http://thetrailunitesus.com/water/
>for water updates? Well, if you do, you might be interested in a new
>feature. Radar, Tartan, and I got together and made an automated GPX of
>the water report, and the gals allowed us to install the script on
>their site. So you download that set of water waypoints to your fancy
>nav device of choice and the latest water data is integrated with your
>existing nav. Personally, I don't trust my electronics 100%, so I also
>mark up my Ley maps with the data. 
>Another new feature of their site is a list of places along the CDT
>that stock canister fuel. That's actually an update of the 2011 list
>that was posted here. I made the phone calls to verify old entires and
>add new ones. Please send updates if you're using that info and find it
>outdated. You can see that at http://thetrailunitesus.com/fuel/.  
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