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Old post I know, but...
I assume you were flexing your fingers and toes in the booth, for  
Bob  "Trekker" Brewer  

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Well  said.  One piece of advice I wish I had heard/followed prior to 
starting  from the Mexicon border on April 1 was to visit a tanning booth a few 
times  before heading out.  We suffered from the sun somewhat  needlessly. 
Jennifer  A Hanson 
“Hiking  the Continental Divide Trail: One Woman’s Journey” 
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Hey Fireweed, I completely agree.  Keeping in hiking shape is the  single 
most important thing I do to make my long summer hiking possible and  fun.  
Some folks do hit trail and get in shape over the first few weeks,  but sheer 
misery on the trail during that early period is the single most  important 
contributor to early drop out that  I've seen on either the PCT  or the AT.  
The CDT seems to have a more seasoned crew starting and it's  less of a 
problem here, but train early and train hard and you'll toughen your  feet 
slowly over the preseason and strengthen your legs and there will be much  less 
pain when you actually find yourself walking day after day, week after  week 
with a pack on your back.  It's just a lot more fun when you hit the  trail 
running and not hobbling. 

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