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b j xthrow at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 7 18:10:18 CST 2015

Hi All,
I'm contemplating starting a chunk of the CDT this spring -- New Mexico!
The PCT desert is hard on me, so I have no fantasies about the ease of the CDT.
Some things I've read talk about the ideal starting time being mid-Apr with 'winds' beforehand that are best avoided.  In thru-hiker world, are these 'winds' really to be avoided?  I imagine the temps might be a bit easier earlier in April.
Also, the shuttle to Crazy Creek starts in mid-Apr.  If I did decide to go earlier, does anyone know of a local who might be convinced to set up reliable water drops for the first bit?  Or, is doing it without pre-arranged water drops safe?  Or, can I conceivably do my own water drops without a 4WD and because it's so close to the border, what are the chances the water would be found by me and not someone else?

- Porsche
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