[Cdt-l] Warrior Hike Organization

Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Sat Feb 14 09:26:22 CST 2015

I completed 4 days/3 nights in the Superstition Wilderness this week with
Dana.  She is part of the Warrior Hike program and gave me a lot of info on
the organization.


I want to share the link to the organization's website here:


Open the tab for the main trails and you will see the group that is going to
hike the CDT this year.   Dana is the 5th one on the list. And some of you
may want to send in a donation.  


And as a side note.......


Here in AZ there is lots of water in the Superstition Wilderness this year.
I hope that carries over into New Mexico and this year's class of hikers
find lots of water.



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