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Hi, While it is only a snapshot, I did that section NB in '09 starting out from Chief Joseph on 7th July and first encountered snow on the ground at Pintler Pass at 8738 feet where there was deep snow on the north side going down to Johnson Lake. Got the same at the next pass. Took the Anaconda cut-off and crossed 2 steep snow chutes on the side of Mount Tiny. Got rain, hail, and snowed on, but only showers. No major weather, snowpack or snowmelt issues after that all the way to Marias Pass. The Chinese Wall and The Bob were outstanding. The site http://www.usclimatedata.com/climate/anaconda/montana/united-states/usmt0006 seems to give a common picture of historical weather patterns in that area. Are you the Jim & Jane that mentioned Erwin, TN in a previous? Scotland

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 My oldest son lives in Livingston,  MT. He's out a lot. He tells me that the peaks get a good dose of late snow in March most years, so it's too early to tell. 
 i would think you'll have pretty serious snow July 1.  I'd wait until Aug 1.  
 Uncle Tom. 
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 > In the interest of generating some activity on this listserve, and to get a needed answer, here's my question.
 > I plan to do a section in Montana this summer, starting around July 1 from Chief Joseph Pass and going nobo to Marias Pass.  Is there a weather history website or other source that will give the likelihood of snow in the higher elevations along the way?  
 > Thanks in advance.
 > Mango
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