[Cdt-l] Bob Marshall Wilderness Info

walt Durling durlfam4 at icloud.com
Sat Feb 21 06:43:36 CST 2015

I'm planning an 9-10 day hike in the Bob in early September right after Labor Day.  I've searched online and bought a Falcon Guide, but am having a bit of difficulty getting a plan together.  I'll be new to the area.

My hiking partner wants a resupply/break halfway or so.  We'll use a rental car to arrive.  Our interest is to get up to the Divide and away from the more popularly-used trails for bulk of trip.  So basically we'd leave a trailhead, hike 4-5 days, take a zero or two, and then hike for remainder of trip.  I suppose it's not critical to end back up at starting point if we can get transportation back.

If anyone has some useful ideas on an itinerary I'd be very appreciative.  Or perhaps some online info I'e overlooked.  I plan a CDT thru in 2016 or 2017, but want to see experience the Bob this year,  Thanks.  walt

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