[Cdt-l] Water on the CDT north of YNP

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I remember there was good water along the Mack's Inn cutoff route.  

But that was several years ago.  Nice forest on that route, too, but maybe
now the pine beetles have killed all the pine.  

The need to stay absolutely true to the divide may be an unhealthy

My first healthy trip out to the CDT after the cancer mess was a summit of
San Louis Peak using Eddieville TH.  From the summit all I could see was
brown, dead trees where once there was nothing but living green.  The aspens
will replace the pine, the green will return.  


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The Forest Service is considering relocation of the Trail, moving it closer
to the Divide, between Yellowstone National Park and Targhee Pass. It
appears to me that the only water in 40+ miles between Summit Lake in YNP
and Tygee Creek headwaters on the study route is a spring just north of the
turnoff from the road that would lead you to Macks Inn
-- specifically at waypoint 01_066WT in Jerry Brown's MT map book
(44.43962N,  111.10367W).

So, if anyone who has followed the existing official route in that area has
personal knowledge of the reliability or other features of this spring or
creek, I would appreciate your passing it along so that we may consider it
in our comments to the Forest Service.

Thank you.

Jim Wolf/CDTS

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> Good morning everyone.
> I plan on hiking the cdt 2015, my question is about water north of 
> silver city.  One stretch is a possible 50 miles.  I would like to be 
> able to carry my water.
> So I just checked my notes at Hat creek rim. PCT   I carried 5 quart for
> the 30 miles. But and a big But.. Mile 22 had a cashe.  There was poor 
> quality and I used 2 quarts  thus.. 7 quarts to 30 miles thus...
> .23 q per mile in the hot sun
> So I would need .23 X 50= 11.65 quarts. For 50 miles.  That's 2.91 
> gallons or 24.25 pounds of water at 8.34 pounds per gallon
> Does this sound reasonable?  To those of you who have hiked the trail?
> Frost
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