[Cdt-l] Toaster House in Pie Town Still available?

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The Toaster House in NM is almost like a traditional stop for CDT hikers.
It would be a shame to lost it.  


I live less than 5 hrs from it.  I know almost nothing about plumbing, but I
would be willing to meet any plumber who needed a helping hand to fix the
place.  The idea would be to see the Toaster House become a permanent CDT
stopping place.  


But then there would be continued maintenance and upkeep on the house and
that is probably more than the CDT budget could care for.


In the lower Peninsula of Michigan on the North Country Trail there is the
Old School House owned by the NCTA and used as a gathering place for  NCT
hikers and as a stopping off place for backpackers, though backpackers don't
need any camping spots in that area.  The Old School House is like a rally
point in the middle of the NCT.  


Be nice if the Toaster House could be set up in NM as a stopping place for a
shower, mail drops, but then, its not my property, and I am just wishful
thinking here.....




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Nita's had plumbing problems for years at the Toaster House. partly because
it's unheated when no one's there. While the water gets shut off, the lines
aren't (and probably can't be) drained to prevent freezing. I've stayed
there 3 times in the past few years, and spent 3 hours repairing several
leaks from an inside waterline in the bathroom during one stay. It took 3
hours because two of the leaks were difficult to get at; there are no
plumbing supply stores within at least 50 miles; but, I finally got one
needed part from a local guy. A complete redo of her water supply lines with
PEX would go a long ways; it would take 2 people and a comprehensive list of
parts bought in a city.


Bob "Trekker" Brewer 


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For over night stays and car parking?


Last year the indoor toilet didn't work, and the outhouse is a bit of
a...... ah....





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