[Cdt-l] Which Route N of Sliver City, NM?

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The Gila River is a whimp as far as rivers go.  There are no dangerous crossing.  Generally most depts are around knee high.  Of course you can wander into a few holes if you want, but the river is very doable.


I have been up the Gila River 2x now.  Once before the great flood, and once the first summer after the flood.  There were 2 spots the first year that gave me a challenge, but both those spots were gone the next year.  But overall, the Gila is a whimp.


I am trying to remember if I encountered any rain in that section- can't remember any.  Cowboy camping from CC to Lordsburg is ideal.  I did for the first time last year.




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I'm poring over the maps and have a question about just N of Silver City.  The trail splits into at least two possibilities there.

1) The Gila River Route that mostly goes up the Middle Gila River

2) The CDTA 'Official' Route that goes East, then N then W to hook back up with the N portion of the Gila River Route


It sounds like the Gila River Route is recommended over the 'official' route, but only as long as the multitude of river crossings are safe enough (i.e. NOT a high flow year).


Here are a couple of questions for you wonderful folks:

1) What are your perspectives on what route is better and why, and

2) How and when do I find out how high a flow year it is for the Gila River and how would I find out if that route is passeable?


Thanks for your input!




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